Are you looking for a cost-effective way to add more storage space to your home? By installing boards to your ceiling joists you will gain plenty of extra storage without completing a full loft conversion. Our team are on hand to help you every step of the way, ensuring your wishes are carried out carefully. This service is also available in a garage or outbuilding.

Available Options

Icon: Hatches


Depending on your preferences we can build a larger wooden or PVC hatch for entering your loft. It can be in the existing place or in a new location.

Icon: Ladders


Installing a ladder helps gaining easier, quicker access to your loft. We both advise you on the available options, and install the ladder at a competitive price.

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Icon: Lighting


We supply and fit lighting. Usually, when boarding up a loft, we would install a 4ft fluorescent tube light. But there are numerous alternate options.

Icon: Windows


Adding natural lighting greatly improves the room atmosphere. The size of the window will depend on the size of your loft hatch and the space available.

Icon: Insulation


We supply and fit extra fibreglass insulation or remove it as required. This ensures lower energy consumption and better acoustic conditions.

Icon: Roofing Felt

Roofing Felt

A simple measure to keep your loft clean. By lining the building's roof with breathable roofing felt we stop debris falling on your stored items.

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Our customers say

  • They have just completed replacing new handrail, baserail and spindles on my staircase and built a cupboard underneath. Hard working, polite, and efficient. Highly recommend them to anyone.
    Judith Biddulph, Beeston
  • If you want friendly, flexible and hard working then these are the team for you. The work has been outstanding!
    Mr Thompson, Chilwell
  • The work is to a fantastic standard. They kept dust/mess to an absolute minimum always mindful of our small children. They went above and beyond what we were expecting, with lovely finishes throughout. Highly recommended!
    Mariel Briney, Nottingham
  • The guys were extremely professional and informative. They were remarkably clean throughout and it was fantastic to come home each day seeing the work they had done.
    Hannah and Paul Wilkins
  • Top quality tradesman. Can't recommend highly enough.
    Michael Burke, Beeston
  • They are very polite, very professional in their work, stay until the jobs done, and leave without a trace of any dirt in their paths. I would highly recommend their services.
    Lesley Bowmar, Beeston
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  • What will I have to sort out?
  • Nothing, we will take care of everything for you. This includes informing building control, as well as sorting all the materials and engineers when needed.

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