A loft conversion adds extra space to your home and increases its resale value significantly. At Manor Loft Speacialists we endeavour to realise your personalised vision of a loft conversion to the final details. We advise, design and construct the project from start to finish, whilst remaining in continual contact with you. This way we ensure that your objectives are implemented thoroughly.

Designing your Personal Habitat

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Getting it right

Choose Manor Loft Specialists and you will benefit from a personal level of service. Whenever taking on a project, we make sure to understand what the client is looking for. Our aim is not just to finish a loft conversion, but also to get the look and feel right.

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Our team will take care of everything from the point of quotation and make sure everything is organised and carried out carefully. We will talk you through every step of the process to give you a better understanding of the works that are being completed in full.

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Smooth Processes

Once a contract is agreed, we deploy our own expert builders, plumbers, electricians, plasterers and roofers, allowing smooth and time efficient progress during the construction phase. Disturbance inside your home is reduced to a minimum.

Types of Lofts

Flat Roof Dormer
Flat Roof Dormer
Pitched Roof Dormer
Pitched Roof Dormer
Hipped Roof to Gable
Hipped Roof to Gable
Mansard Conversion
Mansard Conversion

Need help?

You want to know which type of loft is best suited to your needs? Send us a message and we will find it out together!

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Did you know that…

…a loft conversion for a house is considered to be a permitted development? This means that planning permission is not always required. However, the conversion must adhere to certain limits and conditions.

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Our customers say

  • The guys were extremely professional and informative. They were remarkably clean throughout and it was fantastic to come home each day seeing the work they had done.
    Hannah and Paul Wilkins
  • They have just completed replacing new handrail, baserail and spindles on my staircase and built a cupboard underneath. Hard working, polite, and efficient. Highly recommend them to anyone.
    Judith Biddulph, Beeston
  • They are very polite, very professional in their work, stay until the jobs done, and leave without a trace of any dirt in their paths. I would highly recommend their services.
    Lesley Bowmar, Beeston
  • Top quality tradesman. Can't recommend highly enough.
    Michael Burke, Beeston
  • The work is to a fantastic standard. They kept dust/mess to an absolute minimum always mindful of our small children. They went above and beyond what we were expecting, with lovely finishes throughout. Highly recommended!
    Mariel Briney, Nottingham
  • If you want friendly, flexible and hard working then these are the team for you. The work has been outstanding!
    Mr Thompson, Chilwell
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  • How long does a loft conversion take?
  • For a standard loft from start to finish it generally takes 10 weeks. This can vary if it is a larger loft or if you have dormers built. Longer construction times may also occur if the weather prevents us from working.

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